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"When only the best will do"

Ration Plus

Performance from the inside out

Ration Plus is the most cost effective advanced equine dietary supplement on the market today with proven results in NZ since 1996.

A Brief Description:

Modern day management practices of stabling, twice-a-day feedings, high concentrate diets, drenching, travel, breeding and competition can all jeopardise the health of a horse. The horse's digestive tract is very vulnerable to stress, which is one of the main contributors to health problems. The horse's digestive tract can be negatively affected by one or all of the stresses horses are subject to every day. Ration Plus for Horses helps the digestive environment maintain the important balance of the digestive microflora. The importance of these micro-organisms and the balance of their populations cannot be overemphasised. Their functions are many and complex, but generally include the following;

  1. An antagonistic effect on actual or potential pathogens that cause digestive disturbances.
  2. A role in the normal development and actual morphogenesis of the gastrointestinal tract as well as the development of digestive tract cells that are involved with the immune response.
  3. The production of digestive enzymes which are essential in the breakdown of ingested feed.
  4. The production of Vitamin B complex, vitamin C and Vitamin K. All are important coenzymes for normal metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins essential for normal growth and maintenance in the host animal.

The physiological make-up of the horse is more fragile and less forgiving than any other domesticated animal. Shifts in digestive microbial populations can be devastating, even fatal. Ration Plus can maximise digestive efficiency and help reduce the probability of digestive disturbances in horses.

Every horse can benefit from supplementation of Ration Plus whether it is breeding (including foals and pregnant and lactating mares), racing, competing, spelling or in retirement.

Ration Plus is a drug-free liquid that is compatible with standard feeds and vitamin and nutritional substances. It has no prohibited substances so can be used during competition or racing. Ration Plus is safe to handle and harmless to the environment.

Veterinarians, professional horse trainers, breeders and owners the world over trust and rely on Ration Plus. After 8 years in New Zealand Ration Plus is continuing to improve the health of hundreds of horses.

Oasis Dream – Haibah

Our yearlings were fed Ration Plus from early on in their preparation. We believe it made the difference

Bob Emery
Belvedere Farm

Ration Plus is the most cost effective equine nutritional supplement on the market today

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